Your Personal Reading Assistant

AAMI: is your friend

AAMI is your Friend. It helps you by reading out the printed text in book as you scroll your finger on the line .It helps visually impaired(both partial and complete) , Dyslexic child , Small Kids ( in learning to read a story book) , tourists (as a translator). AAMI is a standalone ,wearable device,and it can operate both in on-line and off-line modes (on-line with better results). It helps blind person to move the finger in straight line and to the next line by giving an audio feedback.

AAMI: is smart.

Its is like a finger ring ,a wearable device. It has a camera as an input interface and speakers/Headphones as output interface. Its scans the text as finger moves and reads out the text that finger is pointing at that moment . It also has a microphone as an input lnterface for changing different modes like finding the meaning of a word that is read out or translate to different language etc. It has a 900 MHz quad core ARM Cortex – A7 CPU with 1 GB RAM.

Everybody loves AAMI

We have displayed AAMI to a lot of people. We have tested our product with school students, blind people, parents and old people. Everybody loved our product. Contact us if you want to fall in love with AAMI too. :)


Tandule Naga Sravya

Founder & CEO

Currently Pursuing B.Tech in ECE,ISM Dhanbad.(Final Year)

Vikram Rastogi

Mentor and Founder of Hacklab Innovations

B. Tech-M.Tech (Dual degree) in EE, IIT Kanpur,2012